We are diving into the concept of rewilding with spiritual teacher and founder of Rewilding for Women, Sabrina Lynn. Sabrina shares her incredible journey of living in the woods, a transformative experience that influences her work today. We also explore the journey of shedding societal conditioning and practical steps to start your rewilding journey. 

Sabrina has led over 70,000 people around the world through her groundbreaking, direct-line approach to personal evolution. She felt like a true soul sister to me, especially as we discussed the transformative power of shadow work, anger, and sacred rage. This episode is a must-listen for anyone ready to tap into their true potential and mind-body connection.

You’ll hear:

  • Sabrina’s wild story of living in the woods and how it shapes her work today (3:26)
  • The 1, 2, 3’s of re-wilding (7:13)
  • Deciphering between fear, trauma, or intuition (12:01)
  • Practical steps for women starting their re-wilding journey (15:38)
  • Discovering hidden potentials or emotions through shadow work (18:40)
  • Understanding embodiment and its importance (24:31)

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Sabrina Lynn, spiritual teacher, creator of The ReWilding Way and founder of ReWilding for Women, has led over 70,000 people around the world through her groundbreaking, direct-line approach to personal evolution.

After searching for years for modalities and traditions that could help her find what she was seeking, she finally blazed her own trail. Fifteen years later, Sabrina has designed and developed remarkably effective embodiment practices that take participants beyond the conscious mind, into the deep realms of the body and psyche, where true, lasting transformation and empowerment lies.

ReWildingTM is a modality of healing that strips away the false and reveals your true self. With a global following of over 300,000, Sabrina is rapidly becoming a thought-leader for bringing spirit and soul into daily life.

Sabrina’s YouTube and podcast audiences connect with her direct, down-to-earth approach and her workshop and event participants describe remarkable healings and life-changing shifts in their family, work, relationships and purpose they could never have imagined!

Her mission is to continue to revolutionize and modernize the way we explore, embody and express our full human potential. She brings 15 years of experience studying, practicing and teaching meditation, archetypal psychology, neuroscience, corporate leadership, shamanism, energetic healing, tantra, physiology, and the mind-body connection.