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I’m so excited to bring you the first interview in the special recovery series. Courtney Webster is here with us today and Courtney is not only someone who has over a decade of strong recovery from alcohol, drugs, and an eating disorder, but she’s one of my closest friends.

Before I jump in, if you’re just hearing about this, in addition to the regular episodes of the YKAL podcast, I’m going a 10-part bonus series for anyone who thinks they might be struggling with alcohol, anyone who knows they are struggling with alcohol, or even if you know someone who is and want to better understand them (or forward these episodes to them!).

Courtney and I met at coach training in 2008 and in 2011 when I got honest with myself and was thinking about trying sobriety, Courtney was the first person I called. I was so afraid to tell her I was struggling– afraid she would judge me. Well, she didn’t. She let me talk about it and told me if I wasn’t 100% sure I had a problem with drinking, then I could quit for 30 days and see what happened. Let’s just say it was very telling! Listen to the ep to see what happened…

Also, in this episode you’ll hear:

  • Courtney’s story about her struggle with bulimia, a crystal meth addiction, and alcohol.
  • Courtney’s realization of when she knew she needed to get help.
  • We discuss “doing it alone”. Can someone get and stay sober alone?
  • For someone listening who might feel like they’re not sure if they have a problem– we have some advice!
  • Courtney tells me what she sees is a barrier with people staying sober.
  • We discuss the shame and stigma of being an alcoholic who is also a mother.
  • What to do if you’re terrified of going to a recovery meeting because you might get “found out” by someone there you know.
  • What exactly to expect at a 12-step meeting.
  • And more!

And hey– is there anything specific you’d like me to ask the guests on this series? I’d love to be able to serve you best on this topic so please let me know! Shoot us an email here. We read all messages! 🙂

P.S. We do talk about 12-step meetings in this episode, but rest assured in the episodes to come, there will be discussion of other modes of recovery.


Courtney’s website
Courtney’s article on xojane.com
Find a 12-step meeting in your area

courtney-websterAs the founder of Your Recovered Life, Courtney Webster, CPCC, PCC, is passionate about working with clients in recovery from addiction to produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, and businesses in a way that connects to the heart and soul.

“I’m sober and I’ve got my life back together but NOW WHAT?” – this is where second stage recovery and Your Recovered Life kicks in, and the arena where Courtney excels.

Drawing on over a decade in the world of recovery, with an acute and compassionate understanding of the desire to live one’s purpose, a killer sense of humor and the knowledge that what she is doing is making a difference, Courtney empowers her clients to experience what is possible in new ways and turn their dreams into their reality. For individuals in earlier recovery, she facilitates coaching groups at treatment centers in the Los Angeles area.

Courtney received her Certified Professional Co-Active Coach training and certification from the highly respected Coaches Training Institute, and is a Professional Credentialed Coach through The International Coach Federation. In previous lives she was the top sales queen for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, the on-air internet expert for a late-night series on FX, the coordinator for more reality sports shows than she can remember, and a producer for a documentary series on HBO that might make you blush.

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