Welcome to the 5th episode in the recovery series with our guest Dawn Nickel of She Recovers. This is the last episode in this series until January when it will pick back up. In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Dawn has been drug and alcohol free since 1989, and then relapsed in 2000. She tells us her story.
  • I ask Dawn what advice do she has for someone who isn’t quite 100 percent sure they need to quit.
  • She tells us her advice for someone in their first few months of sobriety.
  • And last, I ask her to tell us one thing she’s proud of right now and one thing she’s struggling with.

photo-dawn-nickelDawn Nickel (PhD) is an accomplished and versatile leader with strong interpersonal skills and over twenty years of professional and business experience. Dawn has been in recovery since 1987. Alcohol free since that time, she struggled until 1989 with a marijuana addiction and was then both alcohol and drug free for nearly 11 years before relapsing on prescription drugs for several days in May 2000. Dawn celebrated sixteen years clean from all drugs and alcohol in May 2016. In Dawn’s view, we are all recovering from something, and we’re stronger together. She is a strong advocate for the view that each woman in or seeking recovery must be supported to find the tools and pathways that will work best for her as an individual.In the summer of 2011, while recovering from a serious case of workaholism, Dawn decided to apply what she knew about recovery to that area of her life. On an extended leave from work, Dawn began to blog and created the Facebook page She Recovers to share her journey and to reach out to other women wanting to recover their lives and their potential. Since 2012,Dawn has dedicated herself to creating and holding space (online and off) for women in recovery to connect with themselves, and with other like-hearted women.

Along with her daughter Taryn Strong and close friend Sharonlee Latham, Dawn facilitated the first ever She Recovers Yoga and Recovery retreat in Tulum, Mexico in November, 2012. That inaugural retreat sparked a popular and successful international retreat program (Mexico, U.S., Canada and Bali) that now hosts 4-7 retreats per year.

Building on her degrees in women’s studies, women’s history and a PhD in health care policy, Dawn completed recovery coach training with Crossroads Recovery Coaching in September, 2013. Today, in addition to operating a full-time health and social policy research consultancy, Dawn is determined to grow She Recovers and its offerings so that more and more women can connect and heal from addictions and other life challenges. She will launch her private recovery coaching practice in the fall of 2016, and in collaboration with Taryn and her sister Debra Morrison and other key collaborators, will begin offering eRetreats online and hosting major events across the U.S. and Canada.

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