Today on the recovery series I interview Nicole Antoinette. Nicole doesn’t identify with being an “alcoholic”, but very much had a problem with her drinking and has been sober for 5+ years. A self-professed “party girl” she went through years of struggling with insomnia which inadvertently led to her sobriety. You’ll hear more about that in the episode. We also talk about:

  • Nicole tells us your story about what her relationship with alcohol was like and when she knew it was time to quit.
  • Nicole talks about how drinking made her hide the person she was and that if she kept drinking she was never going to figure out and become the person she wanted to be.
  • We discuss how self-trust has become such a big part of both our recovery stories.
  • Nicole says “you can’t change your life without changing your life.” You’ll hear what she specifically means by that.
  • We discuss the things we do different now when shit hits the fan (aka LIFE) instead of drinking.


Nicole’s podcast
Nicole’s drinking and recovery episode on her podcast
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nicole-antoinetteNicole Antoinette is the host of the Real Talk Radio podcast, where people come together to talk about the wonderful mess of being human. A recovering self-help addict and former goal-setting coach, Nicole’s current projects explore how we can use grit and grace to close the gap between what we say we want and what we actually do. Join the conversation at nicoleantoinette.com.

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