Hi ass kickers! Today on the recovery series we have Danielle Gilmore, who considers herself a compulsive overeater, love and sex addict. Danielle found herself at 380 pounds at 25 years old and decided it was time to get help.

I’m excited to have you hear her story because of a couple reasons: 1) I know people can replace addictions when they get sober from alcohol and food and other substances are what they often turn to and 2) I wanted to get a variety of stories because addiction isn’t just alcohol. I know many of you might struggle in different areas.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Danielle’s story of sexual abuse, trauma, and how that led to her addictions from an early age.
  • I ask her which came first– wanting to lose weight, or the knowledge she had an emotional issue with food.
  • Danielle tells us what “recovery” is considered with food and love addiction because these are two things we still need.
  • I ask Danielle what has been some of the emotional healing she's had to face and heal (the list will inspire you!)
  • And last, she gives advice for someone who is thinking they are struggling with a food addiction.


Danielle’s Huffington Post article
Overeaters Anonymous
Sex and love addicts anonymous

DanielleGilmoreDanielle Gilmore is a public speaker writer, and independent researcher. She received her B.A from Kentucky State University and her M.A from Indiana Institute of Technology. Her passion for promoting holistic health and wellness in her community has presented opportunities to contribute articles to Huffington Post and various local publications in her hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana. She recently presented a research presentation at the Women's Leadership Symposium held at Oxford University. Danielle has also been a featured speaker at conventions and conferences throughout the Midwest, addressing topics such as eating disorders, community health initiatives, and mental health. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA.

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