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This week on the recovery series I’m talking to Megan Peters. Megan is a blogger, photographer, mom and recovery warrior. She struggled with perfectionism and people pleasing growing up, which she says fueled her drinking problem. In this hour you’ll hear:

  • Megan tells us her story about what her relationship with alcohol was like and when she knew it was time to quit.
  • From an article Megan wrote: “I felt like I was constantly running, with no finish line in sight. No matter how hard I worked or how much I loved my family, I felt like I could never get my head above water. I was drowning.” She explains more about this.
  • We talk about the shame and stigma that come with being a mother and an alcoholic and what to do about that.
  • Megan tells us how she quietly got sober (she didn’t even tell her husband) and how her recovery changed over time into what she needed.
  • We both talk about what’s it’s like to “just have one drink.”
  • I ask Megan what advice she has for someone who’s struggling to stay sober– for someone who stays sober a few days or weeks and then convinces herself she can have “just one” and then keeps finding herself in the same place over and over.


Andrea’s coaching page
Megan’s article on Scarymommy.com
Megan’s blog
Megan on Instagram

MeganPeters2Megan Peters is a writer, photographer, designer, recovery advocate and blogger, based in Kansas City. She started her blog, Crazy Bananas, in 2004, and it covers just about everything in her life, from the daily bedtime stories Megan reads with her kids, unexpected adventures, technology, recovery, graphic design, photography, home makeovers, pop culture, personal style and relationships. Her writing about living as a mother in long-term recovery has been featuring on Scary Mommy, the Kansas City Moms Blog, Substance.com and Addiction.com. Her writing on other topics has also been featured on Pixelkin.org, BlogHer, BlogHerTech, Altitude Design Summit and Design for MiniKind. Megan is a regular contributor to segments on parenting and photography for several Kansas City-based television shows, such as the Fox4 Morning Show, Better Kansas City, and Kansas City Live. Megan is a noted photographer, who enjoys depicting the beauty of real-life women and families. Her work is focused on portraits of families, children and babies. In 2015, her work photographing survivors of domestic violence was featured in its first gallery show, with all the proceeds being donated to the Willow Center, a domestic violence shelter in Lawrence, Kansas, for which Megan was previously a children's advocate. Megan was named Artist of the Month by the South Mass Street Art Guild twice for this project. In late 2016, Megan traveled to Greece to photograph the Be Sinor – Sinatex Center, a refugee camp for Syrians fleeing civil war. Megan's focus was on capturing the educational center that was created by volunteers in order to provide the camp's children and adults a place to learn and have some sort of normalcy in their unimaginable situation. Photos from this trip will be available to view in a gallery show to benefit Be Sinor in Kansas City in 2017.

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