A little about Sabrina

Sabrina Caverly weaves her masters in applied psychology, work as a counselor, and life coach certification to support people who are feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and lost. Sabrina specializes in helping women become organized, clear, and focused.

Her superpower is holding space for women as they prioritize their lives around what truly matters to them and create a life that brings them joy.

  • Managing the inner critic
  • Building confidence
  • Creating a life of purpose
  • Breaking self-destructive behaviors
  • Thriving during transition
  • Playing bigger
  • Values alignment
  • Cultivating courage
  • Reframing relationships (money, food, people, etc.)
  • Overcoming people-pleasing
  • Listening to inner wisdom
  • Developing self-trust
  • Dismantling the imposter complex
  • Exploring what's next

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Ilana G.

“Before working with Sabrina, my life felt chaotic and I desperately needed help prioritizing. Through her gentle approach, not only was I able to prioritize and establish goals, I was able to identify my purpose and answer all the “whys” that helped me find clarity in everything I do. And most of all, I was able to find presence in my life – no more floating around and panicking. I have so much more clarity and confidence in myself and my goals from working with her.”

Christy M.

“I met all of my goals, and more, working with Sabrina. Coaching with her, I was able to form a new structure for decision making that works for ME – not anyone else. I’m now comfortable with taking the time necessary to be in my process and each decision is helping me regain trust in myself, which is rebuilding confidence, which is rebuilding joy and allowing for fun to creep back into my life!

Sabrina has a calm and empathetic countenance and never pushed her ideas on me. Instead, she gave space and encouragement for creating my own ideas in my own time. I loved having her ‘homework’ to direct me and found the necessary breaks we took helpful – I never felt rushed and could marinate in new concepts for a while.

Honestly, the whole experience and the timing of it was just spot on and I have no recommendations on how it could improve. The most important thing people should know about working with Sabrina is to stop waiting!”

Lauren B.

“Sabrina was real and down-to-earth. Through working with her, I was able to understand the importance of slowing down my decision making and living for the moment, rather than being hyper-focused on the future. Through her flexible and open approach, I was able to work on myself and learn skills and strategies to address life's obstacles. Because of this, not only was I able to help better myself, I've been able to share what I've learned to help others. I recommend working with Sabrina to anyone who is interested in bettering themselves.”