book research

Thank you, we are all set right now with stories! I'm incredibly grateful to all who shared!

Hello! Thank you for your interest in submitting an anecdote or story for my upcoming book. PLEASE READ the following guidelines before submitting:

      • Please read each question or prompt carefully. I’ll be looking for specific stories around specific topics.


      • We may or may not be in touch. If your story is being considered, we’ll reach out for possibly more information and always to get your written permission. From there you can decide if you want to use your real first name or an alias.


      • Type your email address carefully. We can’t use your story without explicit permission, so if you make a typo in your email address, we can’t use your story. Also, you should receive a copy of your responses.


      • Please keep your responses as short as possible– around 250 words max. We will reach out if we need more details/information.


      • There might be more than one question below, but you do not have to answer them all. If you only have a story/anecdote for one, that's fine.


      • If there are no questions below, that means we are all set for now, but we’ll probably have more coming soon. You can check back here periodically, or listen to a recent podcast episode. No need to email us your story, it unfortunately will not be considered.


Now onto the good stuff!