I made a video updating y’all on the progress of the book. I even put on lip gloss for it and brushed my hair. But iMovie was being a piece of shit and the audio off track and all wonky, so it looked like an old kung-fu movie, and I don’t have time to painstakingly fix it (plus, I don’t really know how), so here is a bullet pointed list of where I’m at…

  • The final manuscript came back to me from the copyeditor. He fixed 1,475,392 grammatical errors, most of them commas, so now the book doesn’t read like someone with a third grade education wrote it. Yah for me!
  • Then I got this message from my developmental editor:book editorOMG!!! This is IT. My final word. Lord knows I always have more to say about anything and will wake up in hot sweats thinking about things I forgot.
  • Official release date is December 18th. Here’s the truth: I have to have good pre-sale numbers or else I get black-balled from the industry. Not really, but pre-sales are a really big deal. Right now it’s only $11.83 on Amazon. Considering what my hourly rate is and this book has every single piece of advice I know…$11.83 is a kick-ass deal. So, to all you people that said, “I can’t wait to read your book!” I thank you, and the link is here!

What I’ve learned:

  • When I do this again, THIS WILL BE MY JOB for the time I am writing it. Trying to write a book, have a full practice, be a mommy to two littles and have a life damn near killed me.
  • It’s still all very surreal. I see this, giggle, and I think it’s one of those fake things like you can put your picture on the cover of Vogue Magazine just for fun. I have no idea when it will hit me that I really wrote a book, I really got a book deal, and it’s really for sale.

book cover

Until next time!