So here it is. My total commitment to the world (or at least the 2 people that read my blog: mom and dad) that I'll be taking on my big, badass goal.

Even as I type this, my hands shake. Not in fear of doing my big goal, but the notion that once it's said out loud to witnesses, there's more at stake.

If you don't know, I've decided to write a book. HOLY SHIT! I said it. Like a real one. One that I can hold in my hand. One that other people can hold in their hands. Lots of pages, lots and LOTS of words. All mine. All from my heart and head (in that order), with the gift that God gave me.

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So, this is the first in a series. For those interested, I'll be chronicling my journey of writing it, editing it, re-writing, hiring a literary agent, shopping publishers (gasp!), getting rejected by said publishers, getting a book deal, and ALL of the feelings, emotions, thoughts and whatever else I can share with you along the way. It will be both written and video blog.

You can count on 100% honesty. You can count on me to tell you absolutely everything I go through. You can count on joy, tears, disappointment, maybe even some heart break, celebrations, and some curse words. And please know I am eternally grateful for anyone that follows this (and any) portion of my blog.

Why am I doing this? Because I know there are so many of you that have this same goal. Or any goal that you've been sitting on for years, maybe decades. Because I know how scary it can be. I want to show you that I'm human like you. And that it's possible.

To kick-off my honesty promise, here's another thing: As we say in coaching, “When you're saying “yes” to something, you're saying “no” somewhere else.” When it comes to this blog, my business, my family and other things that are important to me, I have some serious stuff on my plate. So, what will fall off are some regular things I do around here, like my “21 tips and tools video series”. It'll just be put on hold.

Since I hired a new coach, I've been living by a mantra she repeats a lot, “If it's not a HELL YES, it's a HELL NO!” And this project, this baby, this beast is most definitely a HELL YES!!!

So, I hope you'll join me. And if you know anyone that has a big, badass goal, whether it's writing a book or not, I'd be grateful if you passed this on.

So, tell me, have you always longed to write a book? Or something else?