I've been wanting to write this book for a long time.

I've been saying out loud, “I want to write a book” for a long time.

I've been stuck in the sad story, “But, I don't have enough time”.

Sound familiar?

And I say, “stuck in the story”, because when it comes to time, and saying that we don't have enough of it, it's just that: A story. An excuse. One that we feel is a legitimate one and that is easy to convince others and ouselves of.

I hired a new coach recently. And she's been kicking my ass. In my intake paperwork I repeated, “But, I don't have time.” Or, “I would and could do X,Y and Z, but I just don't have enough time.” Followed up by giving her “my list” of kids, exercise, blogging, husband, laundry, leg shaving, and all the other things that can add to my claim.

And she told me, “You need to let go of the belief that time equals money, or success, or results. You don't need more time. You just need to believe that you can do it and you'll find a way.”

The next day while I was wasting time (pun intended) on Pinterest, I saw this:

Quote by Seth Godin

And the Universe had spoken.

Mr. Godin is right. I don't need more time, I have plenty. I don't even need time management, I need to exercise choice management.

If you want to do something bad enough, you'll find the time. If you can't (or won't), I suggest you ask yourself why not. And if you say you don't have enough time, well, for one, get your ass off of Facebook (and Pinterest!) and think about where you're spending your time.

Look, I have a 2 and 4 -year old, a whopping 10 total hours a week of childcare for them, I'm running a business that includes clients, blogging, interviewing, creating and planning, I work out 4 to 5 times a week, and 2 coaches that I work with. And laundry and grocery shopping and dinner and that whole, “you HAVE to shower” thing. Oh, and a husband. And I am finding time in my week to bust this out. So, don't tell me you don't have time.

You CHOOSE to not have time.